Snapshots from our 2008-09 Season

Andrea and Andrew doing what do they best during organizational
 meetings: ignoring Alice. (Not really, this was actually a Very Serious Discussion
to decide whether to add a bagpipe to our collection. Verdict: Nay.)

Don and David, fall 2008.

Andrea, Andrew and shawms, fall 2008.

Barbara and harpsichord, fall 2008.

David and harp, fall 2008.

David, John and Don and lutes, fall 2008.

Don, Andrea, Andrew and recorders, fall 2008.

Performance day, Andrew and Sandy.

Alice and gamba, fall 2008.

Don, recorder; Andrew, krummhorn, fall 2008.

Holly and rebec, fall 2008.

David and Carol, fall 2008.

Fan meet & greet after fall 2008 Medieval concert.

Spring 2009 Baroque Concert...

Alice rehearsing with Baroque violin.

Instrument maintenance is never done!
David and John with lutes.

John rehearses lute solo.

Don, Andrea, Andrew and recorders.


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